A perfect comic from RobotHugs.com has been released showing the common, every day problems that women face due to sexism.

Sexism is still going strong in this day and age and the comic strip reminds s that even though it’s not All men, or even MOST men, some men just aren’t doing enough to help society change. It’s time for everyone to stand up to sexist attitudes and behaviours.

The strip give examples of how women can’t simply walk through the street without being subject to harassment, how women are seen as and talked about as objects, ‘Sorry buddy, I didn’t know she was with you’.

The strip goes on to say that men who act this way believe that all men think this way. And it’s just not true! While the women of the world defend themselves, it would be nice to see the real men stick up for equality too!



Everyone needs to see this. Great job Robot Hugs