Today, amidst all the chaos, we’re happy to be celebrating a news story that’s sure to be one of the Greatest of All Time – or GOAT, for short.

In video footage captured by the Manchester Evenings News’ Andrew Stuart, the streets of Llandudno can be seen brimming with life – but not of the human kind.

That’s because, while the people of Llandudno have shut up shop and remain indoors amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, goats have taken back the Welsh town, knowing that we’re now powerless to stop their rampage.

Stuart’s story began on the 27th March, with these immortal words: “I think I just got a group of goats in Llandudno arrested.”

At midnight, the animals began to feed on a hedge, with Stuart adding that he “wasn’t sure if they were keeping the required 2m apart.”

Police soon broke up the unlawful gathering, but the goats have returned on subsequent days and continue to strip Llandudno of its foliage.

“They don’t like people,” Stuart concludes. “They usually only come down from the Great Orme [a headland west of Llandudno] when it’s windy, and only the back streets at the top of Mostyn Street. Now lockdown means it’s empty, they’re going further than ever.”

And it looks like humanity would have gotten away with staying indoors, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

The recent coup by the Llandudno goat armada follows stories of dolphins returning to the canals of Venice, and other reports that the natural world is taking advantage of humanity’s sudden disappearance from the streets.

While the veracity of these stories has been called into question, the presence of goats chowing down in Llandudno is plain for all to see.