We have all seen fog and even had the pleasure of driving in it from time to time, depending on where you live. We have also probably driven through a snowstorm – or two or twenty. What we probably have never experienced is what you are about to see – what the Hungarian Meteorological Service expected was a normal rolling fog. What they got was quite serious – it looked like a blizzard came through! Check this out!


What appeared to be a run-of-the-mill fog rolled in to a Hungarian forest in Pilis.


What no one expected was that the temperature dropped so quickly – far below the temperature of a normal fog.


Researchers say that this would have been an instant death zone – not even the most experienced trekker would have survived.


Shouldn’t these be going the other way? Yikes!


It looks both eerie and ominous.


This looks unbelievable – like a cross between something from Disney and Dr. Seuss. Very strange – and scary!

So not only can a fog blind one’s sight of a path ahead – something much more treacherous can be lurking!