We had a private email asking us to get all of our reader advice for this lovely young lady;

I have been with my parter a year and half, in february of this year, his best friend of my partner, whom he knew since 4 years old, hit on me. I was being friendly towards him as I do everyone, and he told me on the phone he liked me and would like to date me. I have heard before this, he had previous and done it to one of his other best mates. My partners best mate also broke my sofa in a drunken state a week after. I told my partner and he said he was glad I told him his best mate came on to me. Neither of us heard from his best mate for months on end (over 6 months). He then went to my partners house and apologised and since then they have become very close again like nothing happened. I keep getting the excuse off my partner he is only being so nice to his best mate, to get his money from his best friend, my partner paid to get the sofa repaired, and waiting for his best friend to pay him back the repair money. It would seem since he apologised, they are very close again and my partner doesnt seem to realise how uncomfortable this makes me feel.

There has been a couple of occassion my parter has got his best mate to lie to me on silly issues and this has made me feel after all his best mate had done, that im being pushed out.
I have told my parter not to lie and be honest when he sees his best friend. Although the way they act and talk it would seem my partner has forgotten everything he has done and forgiven him.
I have said to my parter; its his life and to do as he chooses and he will see what hes like in the end. Although now I realise I cant handle how close they are again and feel completely pushed out and hurt. This has in my mind put a strain on me with my parter and made it difficult for me not to be hurt that they are so close again.
I feel so betrayed by my parter and would think after what his best friend did he would understand how uncomfortable I feel and say he doesnt want to know him any more. I can’t trust him best friend or forgive him for how he has made me feel, and just being forgiven like nothing ever happened
What should I do, should I walk away?


Personally, I would advise you to let it be. Your partner may have all sorts of reason as to why he has chosen to stay friends with the mate that betrayed him, however, his friends are his business and I suggest you stay well away from his best friend in future.