If you were like me then you have also read somewhere that Facebook was going to start charging users $2.99 per month starting in November. I think this has cause a lot of people to reconsider even using the giant Social platform that has over a billion users right now. They claimed that because of the new investors that now control the company since they have gone public are pushing for the increase in revenue. I myself kept asking myself whether or not I would even consider using Facebook or would I move onto another social platform. But then the big question that kept looming around in my mind was, “All of my friends and family are already on Facebook. Why would I want to go somewhere else?”

Well if you were like me then I am pleased to deliver some really good news to you! The whole thing about Facebook charging people is a total hoax. The company that produced this hoax presented statements like, “We thought long and hard about this decision, but at the end of the day, we had no choice but to add this monthly fee,” the report quoted Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg as saying. “If we don’t do something about our rising costs now, Facebook could face an unrecoverable financial burden and become obsolete.”

This outrageous prank got millions of people all upset and you can even find groups on Facebook where they are boycotting this so-called membership fee. I think that Facebook would be absolutely retarded to start something crazy like that! Millions of people would just not pay because there are other platforms out there but on the flip-side they may end up making a lot of money off of most of us who would rather pay a small $2.99 per month to keep our connections that we so dearly and cult-ish like following each day. Face it folks if Facebook did decide to implement some sort of membership fee they would have millions of people by the balls so to speak.

But hey, it’s all fake! So go about your Facebook lives in peace knowing that you won’t be coming out of your pocket to enjoy their services.