Don’t trust these waste paper bins

Not the faces you want to see at the copy machine. They’re definitely plotting something. Perhaps they’ve seen things happen in the copy room that really shouldn’t be happening in there. (Or maybe they just know that you can’t separate your papers and your plastics.)

A surprising little house

What a charming little house. Looks more like a holiday hut. And look at the sheer surprise on its face as it welcomes guests to stay within. Not sure about how safe that sliding door is though? Maybe that’s why it really looks so shocked.

This tub has seen some things

This poor bath looks like it’s seen it all. Year after year of water dribbling from its nose, no wonder it looks so unhappy. Think of the countless times it’s just had to sit there and watch as people clamber on into it. That image gets even worse when you consider the view from the tap’s perspective.

The neighbor’s house is laughing at you

Credit: r/facesinthings via Reddit

This house gives off the impression it’s always happy to open its garage mouth and welcome its owners home. Taking a look at the house next door, though, it’s like they’re sharing in a joke. Almost laughing at whoever took the picture. What’s so funny?

Sad little yogurt

Credit: r/facesinthings via Reddit

Not sure how it all works, but pretty sure this guy didn’t plan on being a yogurt. Look at how he’s staring longingly at the chocolate milk next to him. Perhaps him and his milk-based lover got separated at the processing plant, her becoming chocolate milk while he became a yogurt. A tragic lactose love story.

An awe-inspiring view

Credit: r/facesinthings via Reddit

That is one happy house. Gazing out at a beautiful sunrise every morning and a just as beautiful sunset every night. Clearly the designers knew that putting the window in that way would make it a winner. Probably wouldn’t have sold if it was the opposite way.

This guy’s in a real pickle

Credit: r/facesinthings via Reddit

This onion does not want to be in this salad. Probably never planned on being pickled either. How could you eat this poor little guy? Looks like he might be afraid of the dressing, knowing that as soon as he touches that ranch, it’s game over.

Pumpkin knows its fate

Credit: r/facesinthings via Reddit

Clearly this only works from the right angle, and the eyes belong to the shopping cart, but it still makes you wonder. Perhaps pumpkins only become sentient when they’re put in the cart. Maybe he’s seen the jack-o-lantern display at the front of the store. He knows what’s next.

Take out box has issues

Credit: r/facesinthings via Reddit

The mistake made here is the adding of the eyebrows. The last thing this guy wants is someone taking a sharpie to his face. He’s already accepted the fate that you’re going to rip his body open and steal the food from inside of him. All he’s trying to do is keep it warm for you, don’t make him look stupid.

A sad sign of the times

Credit: r/facesinthings via Reddit

This guy knows he’s being wasted. Look at the rust tears, it’s heart-breaking. He could have been anything, a stop sign, a NASCAR billboard, but no, he’s nailed to a wall with the most pathetic little arrow slapped on him. He saw arrow signs at the factory, where are they? Probably Disneyland or something. Life isn’t fair.