Jemini – Cry Baby (2003)

Jemini’s out-of-tune onstage disaster turned the UK’s Eurovision hopes into a cringe-worthy moment. Their lackluster performance of Cry Baby in 2003 and painfully off-key vocals left them with an embarrassing zero points. Any potential charm of the song drowned in a sea of misplaced notes, making it a haunting memory in Eurovision history. Still one of the UK’s worst.

Malik Harris – Rockstars (2022)

Germany’s answer to the challenge of Eurovision seemed to be a rapper in Pete Davidson cosplay. Malik Harris’ 2022 performance of Rockstars was uninspired and laden with clichés – if you can understand any of it. Full of mumbling and stumbling, the song and performance were completely out of place at Eurovision.

Dustin the Turkey – Irelande Douze Pointe (2008)

Dustin the Turkey’s comedic approach fell flat at Eurovision in 2008, with his track Irelande Douze Pointe failing to win any point at all. His puppetry and humor missed the mark, overshadowing Ireland’s otherwise strong presence at the competition historically. The result? An entry more suited for a children’s show than the grand Eurovision stage.

No Name – Zauvijek Moja (2005)

Serbia and Montenegro’s No Name’s weak performance played like a group of friends who didn’t learn to synchronize their dance moves. Their disconnected stage presence resulted in a forgettable performance of Zauvijek Moja in 2005. Maybe they called themselves No Name to avoid future embarrassment.

Scooch – Flying the Flag (For You) (2007)

Scooch’s airplane-themed Flying the Flag (For You) performance flew right into a cloud of awkwardness as the 2007 UK entry. Their campy choreography and outdated lyrics took center stage, while the performance felt more like a tongue-in-cheek comedy routine than a serious musical act.

Subwoolfer – Give That Wolf A Banana (2022)

With their puppy masks and nonsensical lyrics, Norway’s 2022 Eurovision act Subwoolfer tried a bit too hard to stand out. While wackiness can be fun, Give That Dog a Banana failed to hit the mark, coming across instead like an overeager attempt to go viral.

DJ Bobo – Vampires Are Alive (2007)

DJ Bobo’s vampire-themed performance of Vampires are Alive had viewers wondering if they had stumbled upon a televised Halloween bash. Bobo’s bizarre fusion of spooky elements and pop beats created a bewildering experience for Switzerland’s 2007 entry, with the Eurovision stage into a cryptic musical maze that DJ Bobo failed to navigate.

Hannah – Straight Into Love (2013)

Slovenia’s 2013 Eurovision entry, Hannah’s Straight into Love, felt like it never really got going. Instead of making a memorable mark on the Eurovision stage for Slovenia, Hannah’s act became a forgettable footnote in the contest’s history, characterized by the artist’s awkward stage presence.

Rambo Amadeus – Euro Neuro (2012)

Montenegro’s Rambo Amadeus and his quirky take on Eurovision left viewers scratching their heads in bewilderment with Euro Neuro in 2012. As Rambo Amadeus ambled around the stage, the camera at times struggled to even find him, and when it did he couldn’t help but gurn at it. The satirical performance, while daring, failed to resonate with the Eurovision audience.

Valentina Monetta – Crisalide (Vola) (2013)

Valentina Monetta’s 2013 Crisalide (Vola) performance struggled to create a lasting impact on the Eurovision stage. The lack of a compelling hook and standout moments made her performance easily lost in all the noise of Eurovision. If she was attempting to deliver a message, it missed the mark by a mile.