4 Easy DIY Balloon Crafts

Balloons are ageless – not to mention inexpensive and easy to use. What’s more is that they are useful for all sorts of craft ideas. Below are our top four – experiment and enjoy!

#1 Hemp Lamp


Why pay so much for those awesome lamps you saw in your favorite magazine or restaurant? They are easy to make with a few quick steps. Inflate a balloon with air the size you want the lamp “globe” to be and tie a knot at the end.  Around the knot, using a soft-tipped marker, draw a circle just larger than your fist (it is through this hole that you will insert and screw in/out a light bulb, so size it appropriately). At the opposite end of the balloon (where the “nub is” also draw a circle with a soft-tipped marker (it is through this hole that the lamp rod/wiring will be inserted – see the finished picture). Roll hemp string around the tied balloon over and over, using “Tacky Glue” to hold it on. After the glue is dry, pop the balloon and remove it. Insert the lamp rod/wiring with the bulb fixture and screw in the bulb. Attach the wiring and enjoy! Hint: You can make different sizes – just remember the holes all need to be large enough for the wiring and bulbs.

#2 Confetti Party Vase


Why not make excellent use of all those hole punched holes from the office or from previous crafts! Or, you can easily create your own confetti using a hole puncher.  Inflate the balloon with air and tie it. Cover the balloon with glue followed by confetti. After the glue dries, pop the balloon and remove it – vwalla! You now have a decorative and environmentally conscious piece of art for your home, office or a gift!

#3 Timeless Wax Luminaries


These handcrafted works of art will be the talk of all your social circles! Inflate the balloon with water and tie it. On very low heat, melt wax and carefully dip the balloon into the liquid. For a thicker layer, lower and lift the balloon slowly into the wax. When you have the desired thickness, place the balloon on a flat surface so the wax can cool and harden. Pop and remove the balloon. Insert a small tea lite or candle. [Please use caution when handling matches and fire. Consider wearing gloves and supervising activities for safety.]

#4 Edible Chocolate Bowls

03_Pic03 04_Pic04



How awesome are edible chocolate bowls?? Everyone will be talking – or, maybe not since they’ll have their mouths full of delicious chocolate! Inflate a balloon with air and tie it. Pour melted chocolate over the balloon or insert the balloon into a bowl/pot of melted chocolate. When the chocolate begins to cool, place the balloon on a flat surface until the chocolate hardens. Pop the balloon and remove it. Enjoy! Note: You can also use white chocolate and/or dark/milk chocolate if you want various shades. White chocolate can also be dyed different colors. Have fun!

Note: When deflating balloons, remember that they pop really loud – it also may be wise to wear eye protection.


By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'

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