1 – Your friends and family think you’re great fun. You have a reputation for keeping things light and airy. You love to help and nurture others. You appreciate the little luxuries in life, you probably have a favourite candle or a very special set of dinnerware. You love to travel and experience different cultures. You genuinely wish the best for others and everyone loves to be in the welcoming atmosphere you create. Remember that it is OK to feel down sometimes, you have close friends you can turn to to ask for help.

2- You are a perfectionist. You like things to be clean and simple and you keep things plain. You may spend more time trying to get order in your life than you really need to. You are very proud of a long list of personal achievements you have made and you will continue to stay on track with your career path. Remember, everyone should have a work/life balance. Try to bring more fun into your life by being spontaneous. Your perfect partner is a deep thinker who is laid back and quiet.

3 – You’re the ‘quirky’ one. You only allow very interesting people into your life. You try everything once, sometimes twice, but even though you are artistic and very good at picking things up quickly, you don’t often stick to one craft/hobby. Take some time every week to connect with nature and get away from your cluttered home. Don’t listen to people who say you’re irresponsible… they’re just jealous that you’re living life to the full!

4 – You are wise and dramatic! You wear your heart on your sleeve and express yourself through your artistic talents. You are very open and friendly with the people you know but to outsiders you come cross as shy and introvert. In new relationships you keep your guard up for quite a while as it takes you a while to trust someone enough to show them who you really are. You can be very self critical but you don’t like others to know it.

5 – You are a people pleaser. You surround yourself with good friends and like to fit in and contribute to all situations. You are always good at what you do, which makes you quite competitive. You make sure you’re always busy, which some times means you forget to eat! You need to take time every week to relax.

6 – You are cool, calm and collected! People admire you because you appear to have it all. You care about your appearance and about how others perceive you but you do have your little secrets! In your car, or under your bed, you will have a pile of mess! – You are after all only human! You can turn on yourself when life isn’t going your way, you need to remember that it’s OK to relax and mess up sometimes.

7 – You like to live life the simple way, you are a minimalist.You are sentimental and put all your time into caring for your close family and friends. You would do ANYTHING for them. You don’t like to take risks, you always stay on the safe side. This could, however, stop you living life to the full at times. You should take some time to think about what YOU want your life to be like. You’re here to have fun as well as love, try and find a balance before life passes you by!

8 – You’re young at heart. You have a great sense of humour and can be very playful. You are mostly easy going but sometimes you can get anxious about life and your confidence levels can get quite low. You are very organised and a proud person. You need to learn how to love yourself a bit more. It is OK to ask people for help.

9 – You are the ultimate problem solver. You like to live an uncomplicated life and and have a knack for simplifying other peoples problems. You are wise, you are thrifty and you are generous: you love to help others out. Remember to treat yourself to things once in a while! You are extremely loyal and reliable. People can always ask you for advice and know that they will get an honest, helpful answer.

10 – You are dependable. You appreciate wholeness and stability. You are the core of your family. You love health and saftey regulations, you are always prepared. You like to keep things simple, no frills. As long as you have your friends and family, you’re happy! You keep your problems to yourself as you feel they are just a burden to others, but keep in mind it is always good to talk.