Taken from Relationship Surgery

I have been with my fiancee for almost two years. We have a four month old and that is what’s making all of this so hard. I have caught him 4 times getting inappropriate pictures from other women. The first time I caught him they were on a keep-safe app and I knew he was hiding something because he would get defensive if I asked him the code he would respond with “I don’t know it I’ve never used it” which was a lie. But after he got his new phone I plugged the old one into the computer and by passed the code only too find a lot of things I never wanted to. The second time was right after I had our son, he left for a week and during that time he was getting pictures from an ex. When I confronted him about it her told me it was none of my business because we weren’t together at the time. I can’t remember the third time because I have made myself numb to it all. But the fourth time I had a terrible gut feeling because he had put a lock on his phone and any time I came around he was exciting out of stuff and always deleting his messages… This last time was my last straw I packed everything up and left him. But he begged me to come back. He actually took responsibility and the blame for what he had done. Until this last time he had never said it was his fault only mine. He had willingly taken the lock off his phone and had no females in his phone (we blocked them all). He isn’t deleting messages anymore and I have unquestioned access to his phone when ever I want. So my question is do you think he has really changed for the sake of our family like he says or do you think he is just blowing smoke? Can a man really change his bad ways?

First of all… YES, it is cheating. If you’re in a relationship and he’s sexting someone else, he is betraying your trust, he is not committed to you and he is a dirty little CHEAT!

Secondly, people don’t change. If you have forgiven him by taking him back 4 times after he has one this to you, he will think he can do it a 5th time, and after a big row, you two will sort things out. The sad thing is, the only way you can prove him wrong is by not taking him back ever again. If I were you I wouldn’t wait around for him to make the same choices again. He’s cheated on you with these messages, Dump him and get with a man who deserves you!