When cars are manufactured and painted today, it is all done in clinical clean and well extracted facilities. This means that after each car has been painted, there is no leftover paint. This is not how things used to be. In the past, cars were painted in booths where the excess paint would just fall to the floor.

Over the years the paint would form thousands of layers as more and more cars were painted. If you were to chip away part of the floor, you would be able to see all these layers in all their different colours. This is called Fordite or “Detroit Agate”.

This is the bare chipped off block of Fordite.


After chipping off the block of Fordite, it can be cut into smaller pieces and polished.


The polished stones can end up looking both unique and beautiful.



Fordite is becoming very popular for its unique beauty especially with jewelry makers who can commend high prices for this precious material.


The material has a grain, almost like the grain of an old tree.


When combined with metal, it is possible to turn the Fordite into an exquisite set of ear rings.


Here a pair of cuff links have been made by insetting 2 blocks of Fordite



Here the Fordite has been turned into a couple of rings.




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