Daughters get $20 million inheritance – but only if they do everything on their dad’s list

Each of these girls will receive 10 million dollars but only if they obey their father’s wishes.

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Their father, Maurice Laboz, signed the will in April of last year and died nine months afterwards. He left behind a 37 million dollar fortune, 20 million for his daughters and the remainder to charities such as The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and Meals on Wheels.

As far as the list goes, his daughter must complete certain duties to receive their money in lump sums. For instance, Marlena, 21, will receive 500,000 dollars when she gets married, but her husband must sign a contract vowing he will never touch any of it. Both Marlena and Victoria, 17, will get another 750,000 dollars when they graduate college. Once they start their careers they will get an annual sum of 3x their yearly income. They will get more money for being a ‘caregiver’ to their mother, Ewa Laboz, 58, who was in the middle of divorcing their father.

The estate attorney, Jeffrey Barr said:

‘It’s a way to control things from the grave. You don’t see a lot of it, but it happens. People do it because they think it’s for the good of the children.’’