Elmo knows your name and wants to kill you

Who doesn’t love Elmo? Two-year-old James Bowman from Florida, that’s who. The Elmo plushie was released by Fisher Price in 2005 with an adorable feature that allowed Elmo to learn your name and repeat it back to you. Little James Bowman was thrilled with his gift until it started to repeatedly yell out ‘kill James’ in Elmo’s unique sing-song high pitched voice.

The Traveller at Orlando MCO airport that is too creepy to believe

An art installation at Orlando MCO International airport by artist Duane Hanson is at first intriguing, then terrifying. Made with bronze, oils and other mixed media, this guy has been freaking passengers out since 1985. Imagine running into this guy before an early morning flight and being pretty sure you just saw him move.

For some reason, Long Furby exists

Coming to you from the bizarre world of the Furby Tumblr community, Long Furby is here to haunt your dreams. She is the creation of Furby lover Aloe, no last name given to presumably retain anonymity over the creation of this abomination. Furbies are creepy enough on their own, but why Aloe had the idea to elongate Long Furby is anyone’s guess.

What is up with the cymbal-banging monkey?

The cymbal-banging monkey, ironically named the Jolly Chimp, spreads anything but joy. Featured in many terrifying movies such as the 1988 horror Monkey Shines and 2019’s Annabelle Comes Home, Jolly Chimp is the perfect scene setter for terror. If more proof was needed of this little guy’s bad intentions, he even tried to kill Woody in Toy Story 3.

The reason we have locks on our doors

Exactly what the plan was for this guy in a creepy mask, we’ll never know. In 2016, Reddit user FatNDepressed posted this image of what his door camera captured late one night and, understandably, it creeped everyone out. Initial comments suggested this was a hoax, but when the user provided further evidence, the subreddit community was shaken. Thankfully, the mysterious peeper never returned.

Hasbro’s haunting Little Miss No Name

In 1965, the Hasbro Toy company wanted to crack the girls’ toy market, so they released what they thought was the rival to Barbie – Little Miss No Name. Barbie had everything, so Little Miss No Name would be the polar opposite. She wouldn’t have anything, not even a name. The doll scared so many kids, it was pulled from the shelves within a year.

Haunted Harold, the doll that wouldn’t burn

Sold at a Florida flea market in the early 2000s, the seller claimed a priest told him to burn it and when he did, the flames didn’t damage him at all. The new owner eventually put Harry up for sale on eBay after his cat died, his girlfriend left him and he suffered from painful migraines, all in the space of two weeks of owning Harold.

Robert the Doll, who hates disrespectful tourists

Robert the doll’s original owner, artist Robert Eugene Otto, would blame the doll when items broke at their childhood home. The inspiration for Chucky, now housed at East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida, prides manners above all. Visitors are warned to show Robert proper respect when visiting, or face the consequences. Reports of car accidents, job losses and injury have befallen disrespectful tourists following a meeting with the doll.

Hugo, the man of a thousand terrifying faces

Causing nightmares since 1975, is Hugo, the man with a thousand faces. The idea was a boy’s dress up toy where you could have Hugo put on a wig, a beard, essentially any combination of over 100 disguises. The issue with Hugo was that he looked like a serial killer straight out of the box, and his outfits make it look like an array of e-fits from when he committed his crimes.

Danny DeVito is hiding in the walls

As idols go, Danny DeVito’s not a bad choice. Precisely why this shrine to the tiny actor was created in New York’s Purchase College is anyone’s guess. Creepily, the shrine is only accessible by removing a hand drying station from the wall of a bathroom and sneaking down a long dark corridor. The college shut down the shrine upon discovering it and the construction of it remains a mystery.