For most folks, they believe they are safe within their own homes. This scenario, however, proves otherwise. Two young boys were rough housing at home when they made quite the discovery – something that would bring chills to any homeowner.


The home is still pretty new – it was built in the early 2000s. On the surface, there was nothing to suggest anything weird about it.


Except when the two sons accidentally dislodged a bookshelf, opening a hidden doorway.


…which led to a secret staircase…


…a long windy one that led directly to a wall below.


Part-way down, there was a small crawlspace.


Inside that space was evidence that someone was living there – someone whom they did not know was squatting in their own home.


Who ever it was had small things with them, like this elephant for example.


…and a mysterious key.


They also found strange dolls hidden down there.


There were quite a few actually.

The police are still investigating the case. It appeared that the person had been living there for some time. There was evidence that food was even taken from the kitchen above…scary!

Best of luck falling asleep in your home tonight!