A couple broke up over an unusual hairdo

A 2014 Reddit post recounts the story of a high-school breakup caused by a boyfriend’s sudden decision to dye his hair cheetah print. The user described her boyfriend changing instantly after the dye job, going from a “normal guy” to “I am too alternative for words.” Frustrated with his new attitude, she confronted him. The user wrote: “He took my hand and said I needed to accept him for the new person he was, which I guess was a cheetah or something, so I told him I had to set him free.”

A young man was left with a dead relationship, and a dead dog

In a Reddit thread from 2013, a user called ‘superiorcopper’ shared his own breakup story. He had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for almost a year, and they were watching a movie together one night when he noted she was acting strange. The next morning, he opened the front door and was greeted with a horrifying sight – his dead dog. Laying atop the corpse was a letter from his ex-girlfriend, explaining that she was breaking up with him, and apologizing for killing his dog by accident in her haste to get away from him the night before.

A woman’s fiancé turned to someone else when she was out of town

Reddit user sdwescott told the story of her fiancé breaking up with her in 2014. She had gone away for the summer to work at a school in Columbia and found it difficult to contact him whilst she was abroad. On her way back to Portland, she had a layover in Houston. Waiting at the terminal, she was paged over the intercom to pick up a courtesy phone. To her shock, her fiancé was at the other end telling her that he couldn’t pick her up from the airport because he’d fallen in love with another woman.

A rogue pigeon made this breakup even more uncomfortable

In a 2014 Reddit post, user ‘KochiraChiRah’ described her awkward breakup with her high school boyfriend. She wrote: “We were at the park, under a big shady tree, and having a relatively mature conversation about the relationship. We were in high school and I was the one breaking up with him.” She goes on to describe how she tried to be delicate about the situation but saw something fall from the tree onto his head. He felt it land and reached up to touch it – and then she realized that a bird had defecated on him.

A couple broke up after an affair was discovered

In 2022, Reddit poster ‘3rdeyeseeker’ responded to a thread about breakups with his story of a breakup. He wrote that he and his children’s mother were trying to work things out after breaking up, but she had left town for a few weeks without much communication. When she returned home, he discovered that she had traveled to visit someone else and discovered photos showing them kissing. He saved one particularly damning photo as her desktop background photo and left the house without saying anything. About 20 minutes later, she texted him “So, we’re done?” to which he replied “Yup.”

A woman attacked her boyfriend to break up with him

In a 2017 article on stylecaster.com, contributor Sarah shared the story of her uncomfortable breakup with her boyfriend of eight months. Every time she tried to end the relationship; they ended up in bed together again. Finally, she succeeded on the night of her best friend’s birthday when he showed up uninvited. After five shots of tequila, she decided to confront him and end their relationship once and for all. He started shouting at her about how she couldn’t break up with him – and she slapped him across the face. She wrote: “Not my classiest moment but definitely worth it!”

This couple definitely didn’t have a spark

IIn a 2018 article for Buzzfeed, user ‘a4a06c36ca’ shared, “I told my ex I wanted to break up because we had no chemistry. The next week, when he came to get some of his things, he turned to walk out the door then came back and set a 9-volt battery on my table with the word ‘spark’ written on it. He looked right at me and said, ‘Just in case you still think we don’t have a spark.'” While her ex might have thought this would charm her into taking her back, he was very much mistaken.

A thoughtful gesture turned out to make things even worse

Star Allen, who wrote on Quora in 2014 that she had baked a cake for a college boyfriend and then used it to break up with him, recalled feeling guilty. “I baked him a beautiful cake – angels food cake with coconut icing and strawberries – and asked him to come over. He walked in, looked at the cake in my hands and was thrilled. Then I said, ‘We need to talk.’ And he looked confused and said, ‘But you made me a cake?’ He sat there with the damn cake in his lap as I tried to break it to him gently.”

A breakup and an A&E visit on the same day

Buzzfeed user Khaleesi1313 was devastated when her first serious boyfriend broke up with her over the phone. To make matters worse, she stepped on a wasp whilst on the call. Unbeknownst to her at the time, she was allergic to wasps. Her foot swelled up and started to bubble, and she had to go to urgent care. When it rains, it pours!

A couple broke up over the word ‘duplex’

Buzzfeed user Karas49b3f515d wrote about a strange breakup she had with her first boyfriend. At dinner one night, he told her that she was “just trying to sound smart” when she used the word “duplex.” Later that night, she pointed out some new construction down the street from her house and told him they were building duplexes. He got upset and said she needed to stop making up words. At that point, she realized he was entirely serious and ended it – over the word “duplex.”