I just read the most bittersweet article I’ve ever came across. An elderly couple was found deceased in their home in Lake Wylie, South Carolina. What is the most surprising part of this story is what the husband did.

Dave and Corrine Molter were married for over sixty years and lived a wonderful life. However in their later years Corrine suffered from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Through this life altering condition Dave stood by his wife and waited on her hand and foot. Even neighbors have said that he would follow her in their car while she went for walks to make sure she stayed safe, all the while making sure she felt like she had her freedom.

However it was the caregiver who looked after them three days out of the week who found them lying together on the floor dead. After Brandy Williams called the police they had informed us the cause of death of Dave. He did after trying to give CPR to his wife.

This is literally a man who gave his wife his last breath. If this is not a perfect example of unconditional love then I don’t know what is.

They were survived by two children who we know it must be devastating losing both parents at the same time; even though it is pretty awesome that they are now able to rest together.

You can check out the news report here.