Here are the celebrities that got it right when it comes to plastic surgery! Some of the celebs below deny they’ve had a surgeons help to enhance their looks but we beg to differ. No one looks like that without a bucket full of cash and an amazing surgoen!

Megan Fox denies having ever gone under the knife, and no one can prove she did, due to her stunning natural looks leaving no clues behind! However, rumour has it that she’s had her nose and her lips done. If she did, they’ve been done well!


Jane Fonda looks ten years younger than she is but it can’t all be down to a healthy diet and strict workout routine. Her skin looks tight around her cheeks and chin, it looks like she’s had some help and got it right!


Kate Hudson has had breast augmentation but made sure her surgeon did it in a way that kept her a looking


Ashely Tisdale had undergone a rhinoplasty procedure at a very young age but she has no regrets. Her nose job looks just as natural as the rest of her!


Gwyneth Paltrow admits to having boob jobs and to trying Botox but denies any other cosmetic surgery. If she has had any more then she’s got that right too because we can’t tell if it’s all real or if it’s all real expensive procedures!


Jennifer Lopez has allegedly had Botox, a nose job and work on her chin. She has been voted one of the most beautiful women in the world and proves no one can really look that good without a little help!


Jennifer Aniston had a nose job before the days of Friends, she’s also had her chin done and experimented with Botox, all done very successfully!


Kelly Osbourne transformed her body on Dancing with The Stars and fiercly denies rumours that she has ever had surgery, however it is incredibly difficult to lose 70lbs that fast, many people believe she has help with that.


Scarlet Johansson denies having surgery but her bust has grown considerably in recent years and her nose has become even more perfect!