A company over in Switzerland is offering a very different kind of memorial process for your loved ones who have passed away. They can take the cremated ashes and under intense heat and pressure turn them into a man made diamond that can be kept and worn forever more.


The process starts by the company extracting the carbon form the ashes left by the cremation. This carbon is then converted to graphite under intense heat.


The graphite is then subjected to even more heat – 2,700 degrees Fehrenheit and subjected to forces as high as 870,000 pounds per square inch.


The finished product ends up anything from white to a dark blue colour depending on the boron content of the ashes that have been used.


Prices begin at 4,259 Swiss Francs ($4,474 USD) for a small diamond with no additional service

In the images below, one of their customers has had his mothers ashes turned into one of their diamonds. He has then taken his mother to some amazing landmarks so they can experience them together.



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Source: algordanza.com | Facebook