Two Brooklyn-base comedians, Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen, released a recent publication of odd activities for adults. Their new adult coloring book, “Coloring for Grown-Ups: The Adult Activity Book” belongs on the coffee table of every home during a party.

The two celebrities, in addition to POYKPAC, combined their understanding of internet humor to produce the book. We all remember the fun we had as youngsters trying to select the right color and stay between the lines. But this time around, the big boys and girls participate in what is called “Coloring Corruptions” – essentially, an illustrated version of mad libs.

Draw who you wanted to grow up to be.


…before you deserted all of your hopes and dreams!

Chris Brown needs a make-over!


Finish the sketch above using crayons, pencils, markers, cleavers, darts, fire, etc.

And what horrific secret did your new hitchhiking travel companion reveal?


Where am I? Who are you? How do I get out of here?


Using your overactive imagination, devise a plan to carefully escape the home of the stranger you in bed with!

Fun with Beer Goggles.


Everything seems great after a few — reveal how they really look below.

Is he HIP or a HoBo?


You decide – using markers, make the man on the right invisible to society

Hint – Hipsters are very good at color coordination.

Color this page and give as a present to someone you don’t quite yet hate.


Connecting the Dots.


Help Evan understand why he won’t be invited next time!

Operation Procrastination.


You have a ton to do! Can you make your way through all the temptation and get everything done?

St. Patrick’s Day – The After Party Puke.


Follow the rainbow puke trail to the treasure at the end!

Your Time Machine Carries 3 important messages to tell your younger self. What are they?




How much shame can you avoid? There’s a cure for your hangover at the deli, try to not to run into the ex or an emergency appointment at the clinic (hope it’s not an STD).

TSA for a Day.


What odd discovery does the X-Ray machine reveal? Draw it.

Hmmmm – Trouble in Paradise?


Draw or write out what they are discussing.

Choose Your Vice.


Match each grown-up to their choice coping mechanism.

Beer Bong Party!


Color each liquid journey from start to finish – yikes!

Crayons for Adults


Fill in with the appropriate hue.

Family Portrait.


Color in your family! Say Cheese!

Give me a Meth Make-Over!