All over the world, commercials at Christmastime take on a whole new flair. In the United States, folks wait anxiously for the new Coca-Cola or Hershey commercial. In the United Kingdom, crowds wait to see what the John Lewis department store chain will bring them that year.

The John Lewis chain is well known in the UK for commercials that pull on the heartstrings. Each year, the theme is completely different, but always leave you with the same message: do something awesome for someone you care about this Christmas.

In this year’s ad, a boy and girl construct two snowmen outside their home. Later that night, the young girl steps toward the window, desiring to admire the frozen creations standing outside. But to her dismay, one of them has gone – without a trace and without an explanation. Devastated, the shuts the curtains – but to the viewer, we see the Mr. Snowman taking off on a long journey.

What happens next is extraordinary – take a look!