It is that magical time of year again. Christmas is just round the corner and along with it comes all the parties and social events we need to attend and look good for. Since the video below was first posted, it has amassed over 40k views and after watching it, I am not surprised why.

This is clearly going to be a very popular look this Christmas. The tutorial comes from Princess Hair Styles, who you should definitely check out if you enjoy this one.

Using just a few ties, you can end up with a gorgeous style that is reminiscent of a Christmas Tree.


To start you need to take a small amount of hair tied back right on top of your head. This is the beginning of the Christmas tree. You pull two small amounts of hair from either side of your head, split the existing ponytail into two, and tie both in hair ties.

For the second row you have two hair ties. Then for the third row, you split the two existing pony tails in half, tie the middle half together with a hair tie, and pull two more small pieces of hair from either side of your hair to join with the remaining hair from both ponytails.

Therefore for the third row you have three hair ties.

You simply continue the process until you reach the amount of hair ties you wish to go for

And that’s it. You have a beautiful lacy holiday hair style!

Scroll down for video.


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