Celebs with No Make Up, would you Recognise Them?

It would be nice to think that everybody knows the wonders that make up can do but sadly this is not always the case. The media shows up perfect celebrities on a daily basis and more and more young girls strive to look just like them. Forgetting about the damage Photoshop can do to the minds of young people, celebrities also have professional make up artist with the best products on the market and this can transform their face!

Although the celebrities below  are still beautiful without make up, the images also show us that they’re only human. There is no such thing as perfect and there are a lot of young people out there that should be aware of this. All photographs below are sourced from

Madonna Directs Her New Movie _W.E._ In London


In the last few year we’ve seen Madonna looking incredible for her age, however, all the beauty products in the world can’t defy the ageing process. Madonna still looks great here but she looks very different to the Madonna we see in the music videos.

Exclusive _ Kelly Clarkson is Out and About Without Makeup

Kelly Clarkson is known for being the first winner of America’s Pop Idol. She has a very healthy attitude to body image and doesn’t care if she’s seen out without make up, or if she’s gained or lost a few pounds. She is aware of the wonders that make up can do but isn’t ashamed to be seen out without it.

__EXCLUSIVE__ OMG_ Janice Dickinson takes her dog out for a morning walk_ while drinking a green smoothie_ with bed hair and no make up_

She calls herself ‘The worlds first supermodel’ and there’s no denying that even in her 60’s Janice Dicksonson is a beautiful woman. However, there is also no denying that when we usually see her she looks a lot more glamorous, it’s all down to great make up!

Nicollette Sheridan Has Seen Better Days!

It’s been a while since Nicolette Sheridan played a stunning Desperate Housewife. A few years down the line and without a scrap of make up, this woman is barely recognisable.

Exclusive _ Bethenny Frankel Heads For The West Coast

Bethenny Frankel usually has a lot of foundation and eyeline but in this snap she’s very natural. With her trademark jawline, she’s still recognisable but without her make up she doesn’t look as healthy as usual.

Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman Take The Dog For A Walk In Brooklyn

Anne Hathaway might now seem to wear a lot of make up but the stars can be deceiving. In fact it takes a lot of make up to make someone look like their not wearing much at all! In this photograph, you can see that she must usually wear a lot of make up, as we never see her looking like this on the big screen.

Exclusive _ David Arquette _ Courteney Cox Together At Coco_s Horse Show

Courney Cox is a stunning woman and hasn’t appeared to age at all over the years. But don’t let make up fool you! although she still looks great in this picture, she has no make up to his a few wrinkles. It turns out she’s just like us after all… normal!

diana ross 2 030211

Diana Ross doesn’t bother to put make up on when she pops out for her weekly shop, but she doesn’t care, she knows she looks great anyway BUT does she look like the Diana Ross that the media show us… no!

debra messing 060109

Another natural beauty here, Debra Messing. He beautiful face is almost unrecognisable, if it wasn’t for her fiery red hair, you might pass this woman on the street and not even realise your crossing the path of a huge TV star!

Kate Hudson Catches A Flight At JFK Airport

Kate Hudson looks like a pretty normal girl is this make up free image, you couldn’t blame someone for not realising this is the same woman we see looking incredible on the red carpet!

Kate Moss make-up free arriving for a photo shoot


Kate Moss doesn’t mind being snapped without make up on, she’s a very confident woman who knows that when she’s in the lime light she can pull off being one of the most beautiful women in the world! This supermodel can do it when it counts but doesn’t try to pretend it’s all natural.

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'