I think everyone who likes chocolate or even if they don’t like chocolate still knows who Cadbury is. From their amazingly delicious chocolate bars to their easter eggs filled with creme goodness Cadbury has a place in many hearts. Heck being able to work there would even top the charts for most people. Well this guy earnestly wanted a job there and said everything (I mean everything) he could to secure his spot in this dream of a job. What would you say to get your spot to work in one of the world’s most known chocolate companies? I mean hey wouldn’t it be like working for Willy Wonka?

People Have Dreamed of Working There For A Long Time.

Cadbury Eggs

Looks like a really fun place. I mean c’mon it has a chocolate fountain!


So what would you say to be apart of the chocolate bar making team?



Would you say you were a super spy?


How about using your excellent ebay feedback as a reference?


Well this guy used those and more. See what Cadbury’s reply was…


Sorry bud maybe next time?