What would you do?

When Janelle Jones, a resident of Rochester, New Hampshire,was driving past a BK one day, she was feeling peckish so decided to pull into the drive through to order some food. It was around 4:30 in the afternoon at the time and Janelle went for a sweet tea and a Jr Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

After paying for the food, the cashier handed Janelle her the brown paper Burger King bag and she was on her way. Janelle decided to wait until she got home before tucking into her burger but when she did get home and open the package, she was in for a big surprise. Instead of a tasty treat in the bag, Janelle found a stack of cash. $2,631 to be precise.

According to Fox 6 Now, Janelle immediately sensed trouble and called up her husband Matthew Jones. His immediate advice was for them both to go back to the restaurant and do the right thing by handing the money back to them. After handing the money back, Jones did admit that it did cross his mind for a split second that they should keep the cash but he very quickly changed his mind.

The staff at the restaurant were all very happy to have the bag returned and a few of them were worried their jobs would have been on the line if the bag had not been returned.

The Burger King outlet manager later offered Janelle five free meals as a note of thanks. He said they have also talked to the corporate office to let them know about her honesty.

I wonder what you would do in the same situation. Keep the cash or do the right thing and return it?