Candylipz is a new gadget that can increase the your pout by three times their original size. It is an apple shaped suction device that you put on your lips for around 2 – 4 minutes. When you release the apple, your lips are magically transformed.


In this video, 24 year old Britney Forster is trying the device for the first time. She clearly leaves it on for too long as when she pulls it away she is left with HUGE duck like lips.

Brittany told MailOnline Australia: ‘I took it [the CandyLipz] off and I just looked in the mirror and I said oh my god what have I done? No, no, no, this can’t be happening,’

After a few days her lips did eventually go down again but as you can see, she was left with some pretty noticeable bruises.

I have to say, even though it didn’t work for Britney, I am really intrigued to try it out on my own lips.

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