Let’s talk about that time when you were out trick-or-treating and you come up to this really creepy looking house that doesn’t have any lights and looks really unwelcoming. You aren’t really sure whether you should go and knock on the door or just pass. The ouse has no decoration, no candy bowl or anything friendly looking about it.

Your best bet is that they are just old and aren’t really into decorating, maybe if you know you will get a big handful of delicious candy. The worst thing that could happen is they are the scrooge of Halloween.

What type of people do you think put up these un-welcoming signs.

1. This is good enough for me.


2. I think if they use a little more color people will get the message.


3. Run as fast as you can!


4. I wonder if it’s worth taking the chance.


5. Wow, They got really creative with this one. Not really necessary.


6. Hey I find this insulting! I like the way my face is.

7. Okay, What neighborhood are you in?


8. This is a good way to scare off those unwanted trick-or-treaters.


9. I’m guessing that this isn’t you.


10. I think these homeowners are perfectly okay with this sign. Hey it doesn’t say that they aren’t giving out candy!