British beautician Gemma Worral, from Blackpool, has recied huge media backlash after tweeting her political views.

It seems Ms Worral, 20, thinks that Barack Obama is the president of the United Kingdom and that his name is in fact, ‘Barraco Barner’.

Gemma tweeted, “Why is our president Barraco Barner getting involved with Russia, scary.” Within 12 hours her tweet had been retweeted over 7000 times but she received a lot of abuse from strangers branding her ‘stupid’.

Gemma was called a ‘stupid cow’ and an ‘oxygen thief.’ and one cyberbully said ‘I’d love to stab dumb f**s like this and rip their tongues out.’ Although Gemma was upset by a lot of the abuse, she hasn’t taken herself too seriously and can see the funny side of it all. She has also since tweeted, “I hope I haven’t offended the real @Barack Obama with my tweet but it was just a question I was curious about £sorry.”