A lot of the life hacks I see on the internet are somewhat interesting but not particularly useful for me. Some clever people have worked out some simple ways to make our lives so much easier but these little tricks don’t always apply to my life.

I’ve searched through hundreds of life hacks and found the 9 that I think really will help everyone out. The cheese on toast one is my favourite!

It might take a couple of practice runs but if you use a fitted sheet (which are basically a life hack in themselves) you will know that although they look great on the bed, they look terrible folded up in a drawer/cupboard. Follow the steps in the image below to get these neat sheets, well… neat!


This one’s self explanatory, for the perfect pancake all you need is the perfect mix and the perfect ketchup bottle. Make sure its clean though!


Squashed bagel? Not any more, it’s as if bagels were invented to go inside a CD box! How has this not been made clear to us until now?


OK, it’s useful but more importantly, this is sooo cute! Don’t get your fingers trapped though, it hurts… I’ve done it!


Do you find your self having to recite a rhyme you learned as a child to remember how many days each month has? After this little life hack you won’t need to sing that song again. Think of your knuckles as the months, the knuckles with bumps are the months with 31 days and the ones with the spaces are months with 30/28.


Look at your little fuel tank symbol, note the arrow… seen it before? No i didn’t notice it either… it’s pointing to the side your gas tank is on!


Charge your phone faster by switching it to airplane mode. This is probably the most helpful hack of all!


I’ve seen a few hacks for keeping your keyboard crumb free but this one is the most realistic.


You toaster should work perfectly well whilst lying on it’s side, which makes it EASY to make cheese on toast.