If you’re a pet owner you may already know how terrible it feels to lose your best friend. As the reality dawns on you, you will start to put a plan into place, first stop, get the flyers out! In your moment of panic you might need to get someone to check over your finished product.

The images below, all posted to imigur.com , will definable make you and your friends smile. Either people need to find something better with their time, or we do!

1. A lost dawg is a whole different thing than a lost dog.


2. A lost Dogg is also different to a lost dawg and a lost dog.


3. See a puppy, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!


4. When describing your dog, don’t forget to describe All of them.


5. The owner of this cute dog didn’t forget what was important.


6. Make sure you get a good photograph.


7. This helpful person has collected all the flyers to give back to the owner..


8. Sometimes you can still make a poster even if your dog isn’t lost, just to let everyone know how awesome it is.