Meet photographer and artist Ryan Astamendi, producer of some of Disney’s finest creations. Ryan has worked for Disney for over 18 years, having been inspired over his entire lifetime by the company’s wonders. He majored in Character Animation at CalArts and then joined the Disney team. It was while he worked at Disney that his love for photography also ignited. He incorporates the same principles he learned in art training – things like color, lighting and composition – into his photographic art. His art is unbelievable – check these out.

Pocahontas comes to life. She looks just as stunning as we would have imagined her.


Jessica Rabbit – noted as the sexiest cartoon character ever created.


Ryan clearly captures Princess Belle’s gentle touch and kind spirit – a light in the life of a would-be Beast.


The serenity of Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine invites you into a whole new world.


Snow White appears to have never known an evil witch with an apple.


Rapunzel looks like she’s going to step out of the screen and meet you – love that hair! (Barbie’s skipper would be jealous!)


Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty, looks wide awake and ready for her prince.