When I came across this site I had a good laugh looking through their posts. Using a series of simple diagrams and charts, they amusingly point out the things we all struggle with in every day life.

These genius charts are the work of Danish writer Mikael Wulff and cartoon artist Anders Morgenthaler. This creative partnership call themselves Wumo.

It would be interesting to know which of these relate to you. I have to say all of them ring true with me.

The McDonalds Curve – I’m loving it

We have all been there and we all know how bad it is but somehow those golden arches keep us coming back. You eat it, decide that is is for a while and it is time for a diet. Then we eat it again. It is a constant cycle.


Traffic Laws

How is it that when someone passes their test, they instantly forget all the rules of the road. Especially signalling and obeying speed limits.


I am sure we have all been there. Especially “panic”

This one speaks for itself. When you get to the last leaf you start to get creative using little corners. Always check the loo roll situation before sitting on the toilet. That is my top tip/.


One day they will surely invent the “dislike” button.

Facebook has always had the like button and the poke. It has since introduced loads of other features apart from the one it really needs. The “dislike” button.


Thinking about it, the are just all a bunch of hypocrites aren’t they?

Vogue, Cosmo, Teen Magazine, they are all the same. One minute they are talking about how you are awesome no matter what your shape and size. You then turn the page to see an article about the latest weight loss or Botox treatment.


I think in the right setting, a flip flop is just about acceptable

The worst example of mens fashion and what can make the sandal look even worse is when they decide to team it up with a pair of socks. Especially black socks with shorts and sandals. That is a big mistake.


How did white bread get such a hard time ?

The more you read in magazines and on the net, the more they make out white bread to be bad for you. We all grew up eating it and it has never really done me any harm. I think we all need to give white bread a bit of a break.


I have definitely been there. Thank goodness for the trusty ATM

This one is SO true. Every time I get to the bank they seem to have just closed or already be closed. Why cant they make a bank that opens at night. That would make life so much easier for all of us.


Every time

They always look so good in the store, until you get them home and forget to eat them. By the time you do really fancy a banana as part of your active healthy lifestyle, they have gone brown and look awful.


The pop ups are the worst.

Argh why do the ads always seem to appear just where you want to read on the page. OK yes I am interested in lifestyle and fitness but I don’t need to see so many damn ads.


Ha ha

How many people have actually laughed out loud as they sit chatting to a friend. None!


The last bit lasts longer than the rest

It is one of life’s little mysteries that a tube of tooth paste runs out really quickly for the first 90% and the remaining 10% lasts for days.


The best stuff always falls at the same time for me


I am glad this doesn’t just apply to me


Funny that isn’t it?

It is a bit of a sad truth that pretty girls with big chests and seem to get more attention and more help from guys than anyone else.


It is actually becoming more and more socially acceptable to have met online. But this is still the truth.


Poor parking attendants. I am sure we all feel so sorry for them

It really does have to be the worst job on the planet. All you do each day is issue tickets and get abuse from drivers. However knowing it is so poorly paid does make me feel a little sorry for them.


I have definitely experienced this in Ikea


Aww I feel sorry for the Wusses


I must say, Minesweeper was a big time stealer for me


Why do they never get chicken right!


Sad but true


Every time lol


That and the beep to tell you the battery is running out


When the router breaks, it does leave me feeling very lost and stranded


Not sure I have every accepted a Facebook invite


It is basically another way of saying you look awful without trying to cause offence

I think it is better if people just keep their damn thoughts to themselves.


Why does this always happen to me?


It is getting little stupid these days

One day I want to walk into a coffee shop that just sells coffee without having a huge menu to choose from.


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