Sometimes when fans ask for a photo with their favorite celebrity they aren’t always too happy to oblige. There are some though that are nice enough to stop for a quick pic, or maybe an autograph, and eventually do grow more accustomed to dealing with their adoring fans.

Although that may be the case, there are some fans that are just way too awkward to interact with and these weird and strange celeb encounters make for some really cool pictures.

1. Sometimes the fans are so awkward that when taking the pic the celeb (that they so adore) ends up freezing.


2. This is why it’s best that the celeb learns how to embrace their weird fans and remind themselves that they too at one time was not famous.


3. Some celebs are just cool and love their freaky fans.


4. Sometimes they even let their crazy fans get away with anything just to prove that they are even crazier.


5. Some just find a way to face their freaky fans with a smile.


6. Awkward, freaky fans have always been around. Here is an oldie that proves this.

7. WTF is going on here?


8. How about when that enthusiastic fan wakes up the great celeb from their slumber?


9. Sometimes the celeb really has no idea why they are posing for a pic especially what they should be out catching bad guys.


10. Then they try to play along, but their pupils, and their hearts just aren’t into the whole meet and greet out on the streets.


11. Still, there are the Jerry Seinfelds in the celeb world who will actually hook you up with an autograph even though they obviously are not in the mood at all.


12. The Patrick Stewarts of the world, is such a nice guy that he is still willing to give you a pose even when you might be a kinda a close talker.


13. Even Britney Spears will give you a pose as long as you keep your distance.


14. Contrary to what most may think fans are not the only ones known to getting a little handsy.


15. Some celebs really do enjoy posing with their fans, and they end up getting to know their fans a little too well.


16. Some celebs have no problem letting down their guard and sharing themselves for a moment with their fans.


17. Some celebs though try to be a little more sneaky about their affection towards their fans.


18. But hey if you have something to flaunt then why not share with your fans.