A 12 year old girl has just given birth to her 13 year old boyfriends baby according to the Sun newspaper. The children who have a combined age of 25 years old say they are going to raise and support the baby.

The girl has become the youngest mother in the UK giving birth to her baby girl, weighing in at 7lbs. She fell pregnant to her boyfriend when she was still at primary school and only 11 years old. A source reports that they have been dating for over a year and are very much in love.

The reason I have not been able to share a photo of the couple is that because of their age, their identities have been hidden for legal reasons. The girl and her boyfriend have told The Sun newspaper that their families are right behind them. According to the parents, both sets of grandparents are very supportive.

The babies mother who is 27 has also become the UK’s youngest grandmother.

Hilary Pannack, chief executive of teenage pregnancy charity Straight Talking, told MailOnline: ‘I know girls who’ve been pregnant at 13 and have had the baby, and I’ve heard of 12-year-olds before. Girls are going into puberty earlier. Certainly there are health implications of girls having babies quite so young. We know that the health statistics for teenage parents are not good.


‘Certainly it robs young people of their childhood. The chances of them staying together are very, very low – and the benefits system doesn’t encourage it.’

She added: ‘It’s not the end of their life, but they will be dependent on others, both financially and emotionally.

I wish them both all the best and just hope the little baby is brought up in a happy supportive family.