Admitting the fact you are actually in love can be a pretty daunting experience for a lot of people. They feel it leaves them open and totally exposed to being hurt in the future. A lot of us ignore all the signs and live in denial of the fact they are actually head over heels.

You may not have ever said it to the person in question. You may not even be an official item and you may not have any intention of ever being together. This doesn’t get away from the fact, you very well may be in love with them.

Love works in strange and magical ways. Certain experiences or things that person does that make you stop and think may actually be signs of love.

Here are 11 signs that could actually mean love.

1. You are willing to make life more difficult just for them.

In todays fast moving world, being able to spend time with someone can often mean travelling, rescheduling plans, and generally disrupting your timetable. Even if it makes your life 10 times more difficult, it somehow seems worth it if it means you get to spend some precious time with that person.

You skip work, pay for taxi’s, book hotel rooms, take long train journeys and other generally annoying things just to make seeing that person happen.

You may not have ever even given it a second thought but all the effort means this person is very special indeed.

2. You put up with them even though they frustrate the hell out of you.

This person maybe a little clumsy, smashing the odd wine glass here and there. Or they may be a little bit messy, leaving their clothes lying around the floor. It may frustrate the heck out of you, especially if you are clean and tidy and not a total klutz.

This person maybe a total pain the butt that gets you so frustrated that you want to pull your hair out. However, the fact it, they are YOUR pain in the butt and you are willing to put up with it all to be with them.

No matter how annoying they seem to get, you never stop wanting to be with him or her.

3. Even the most menial conversation is memorable

You may have been having dinner and talking about your favourite tv theme tune from your childhood, and you will always remember that conversation. You will remember it

They tell you their favourite book and you want to go read the book just so you can share the experience. Even talking about the fact it is cold outside means something.

The fact is, what they are saying or talking about doesn’t matter as much as the fact they are talking about it with you.

That is why you will sacrifice your precious sleep to stay on the phone to them till 3am just to hear their voice a little longer.

4. You run errands for them.

When it is for yourself, running errands like going to the shop for milk or breakfast is boring and a bit of an inconvenience.

For some reason however, when it is for this person, you enjoy it a whole lot more. Even if it is just popping to the shop to pick up some deodorant. When it is for this person, you dont say no and even enjoy the trip. Well a little bit anyway.

No matter how stupid the errand, if it is for this person, you are happy to help.

5. Every second is worth it

When they call you up in the evening to tell you they have no time to chat but let you know they are thinking of you. Even if the call lasts just one minute, those 60 seconds are all so precious to you.

It isn’t about the countless amount of time spent together. Every simple minute is everything.

6. This person makes you louder

For some reason, it’s hard to be quiet around this person. Even your laughs get louder when you two are together. When you two have a disagreement, you yell because it feels so important, and you need to get your point across.

Something about yelling always feels more intense, and it mirrors the feelings you have for the person. So, you yell a lot — sometimes out of anger, but more often out of joy.

7. ‘Wasted time’ is not wasted when it is with this person.

There are days when the two of you don’t even get out of bed. You’ve had sex three times in one morning just because neither of you feels like doing anything else.

When people ask you what you did during the day you wasted with this person, you say “nothing,” but feel like it was the most productive day of your whole life. Now, that’s something.

8. You never run out of things to ask / talk about

Well, you have a lot of questions in general: How do taxes work? How long would it take to drive across the United States? Where do I go to mail this letter? What inspires you? What should I eat for dinner? What does Nigerian food taste like?

Whenever you have a question or musing about life, you direct it to this person, who likely doesn’t know the answer. Still, you’d always rather ask this person than someone you know will know the answer.

It might frustrate him or her, but it also starts great conversations, and secretly, he or she doesn’t mind at all.

9. Almost anything makes you think of them.

Everything that happens in your life somehow becomes about this person. A rainstorm will make you think, “Oh man, [insert name] needs to know about this,” even if you know he or she can see the same rain.

You feel the need to share every arbitrary experience with this person. Every song that plays is about him or her, and if it’s not, you think, “I’m so glad [insert name] is not like this song. S/he is so much better.”

The weird pimple on your pinky toe? The penne noodle that got into your spaghetti noodles at Olive Garden? Your entire life becomes one gigantic reminder that your person is alive.

10. No topic is taboo.

Some of us might be super shy about mentioning poop or farts around people who aren’t directly related to us. Girls aren’t supposed to do those things, since we’re all roses and rainbows.

Around your person, though, all bets are off. You fart next to him or her just to provoke a hysterical reaction. He or she yells at you not to come into the bathroom until the smell has subsided, and you call him or her ridiculous.

You use the bathroom even while your person is in the shower. Bodily functions seem embarrassing everywhere else, but when you’re with this person, it’s a hysterical conversation piece. Basically, the two of you are weird as hell, and it’s perfect.

11. You are terrified.

Admitting you are in love is terrifying and even if you live in denial about the fact you love him or her, you can still feel where it is headed. Even if you are only just getting close to that person, we all know this can lead to hurt.

When you look at this person, you know he or she could hurt you more than anyone you’ve ever met before in your life. You have the urge to push him or her away because being with this person makes you feel vulnerable, and it’s terrifying.

You freak out when he or she gets emotional and displays feelings because, then, there’s no hiding it anymore. This person scares you, and it’s the most fun you’ve ever had being afraid.

But think about it. If that fear went away, you would miss it.