11 Dangerous Toys From The ‘90s Our Parents Probably Shouldn’t Have Let Us Play With

In the 90s, many toys were surfacing that made every kid salivate while watching the television.

You know like slip n slides, giant trampolines, and creepy crawlers. But how many of these were actually safe for us to play with?  Here are 11 dangerous toys that our parents probably shouldn’t have let us have.

1. Moon Shoes

2. Sky Dancers and Dragon Flyz

3. Socker Boppers

4. Pogo Balls

5. Skip-It

6. Splash Off Water Rockets

7. Giant Trampolines

8. Slip ‘n Slide

9. That plastic Goop you could blow into a bubble with a straw.

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10. My favorite! Creepy Crawlers!

11. Lawn Darts