This Woman Makes Dolls Houses. This is Her Latest Masterpiece

This was posted  by Sponge_worthy82 on Reddit and I had to share it as I think it is incredible. The photos are of his aunt making the latest in her series of dolls house creations. It is a mini bike shed and repair centre including all the spares and tools that would be used in real life.


The reels of chain were all lovingly hand made to painstaking accuracy.


The tools pinned to the board are all to scale and look great.


The finished result is I hope you agree, simply stunning.



What little girl wouldn’t love this masterpiece.


Source Imgur

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By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'