Top 17 Beauty Hacks All Girls Need to Know

As health and beauty is not often taught in school or college, we often have to rely on our friends or mothers for tips on looking beautiful and glamorous. Below I have put together a list of my favorite beauty hacks to help you along your way.

1. Revive Gloopy Nail Polish

If your nail polish is getting a little old, it may be a bit congealed and gloopy. Not to worry, all you need to do is drop it in a glass of hot water and it will magically go runny again so you can paint those gorgeous nails.


2. Achieve a Perfect Cupids Bow

To get that celeb look to your lips, first draw an “X” on your top lip. Afterwards go over the rest of your lips as normal.



3. Get Rid of Split Ends Without a Trip to The Salon

They are a common problem that most women have to deal with at some point. If you can’t afford the time or the money to go to the salon, take your hair and twist it into small sections at a time. Snip the bits you see sticking out and the tips to get rid of the split ends and leave a natural looking finish.


4. Repair a Smashed Blusher

If you accidentally drop your blusher and it cracks up in the pot. Not to worry, just add a few drops of sterile saline solution and smooth it over with a knife.


5. Make Your Own Glitter Nail Polish

Apply a clear base coat then sprinkle over some eye shadow pigment or any other glitter you have. Then apply a top coat for gorgeous sparkly nails.


6. Trick to completely remove glitter polish

Sometimes glitter polish can be a real pig to get off. If you apply a think coat of PVA glue BEFORE applying the glitter polish you will be able to peel it off with ease.


7. Remove stains from your nails. 

If your polish ever leaves any stains on your nails, squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into a galss of warm water and soak your nail. The acid in the lemon will break down the polish.


8. Lock your lipstick color in place

To give your lipstick a longer life, after applying it take a piece of tissue paper. Place it on your lips and using a fluffy eye shadow brush, lightly dust translucent powder over the tissue. The powder will go through the tissue and lock the color in place.


9. Use Mouthwash on a bruise

No I haven’t lost my marbles. If you get an unsightly bruise for any reason, just take some mouth wash and dab it onto the affected skin with some cotton wool. It will soothe the bruise and reduce the redness.


10. Find your perfect eyebrow arch

If you wonder where your perfect eyebrow arch should be, take a pencil and angle it from the size of your nose going through the iris of your eye. The tip of the pencil will point to where your perfect natural arch should go.


11. Avoid Mascara Smudges

If you are like me, you probably get mascara on your top eye lid by accident regularly. If you take a spoon and use it as a guard, you will leave your eyes smudge free and gorgeous.


12. Do an immaculate feline flick

OK you will look a bit silly for a few minutes but the end result is worth it. First take some Scotch Tape and stick it on your face. You need to carefully place it from the bottom of your lashes to your temple. Next apply your eye liner as normal but when you get to the tip, draw along the tape and taper it off to a point. Then peel off the tape to reveal the sharp neat flick.


13. Miracle trick for dry cracked lips

If you have no lip balm or find it doesn’t work for you. Try taking a tea bag and moisten it a little. Then dab it onto your lips for a few minutes at a time. The results are impressive.


14. Quick fix for a broken nail

If you have a broken nail that you cant cut down. Try taking a little piece of tea bag paper. Cut it it to the shape of your nail and place it on the top of a wet base coat. Trim off any overhang then apply another base. Then apply a top coat to give your nail extra strength.


15. Yoghurt works magic on spots

If you are suffering with a spot, try applying some full fat yoghurt to it. Dab on the yoghurt and allow it to dry completely. The probiotics, lactic acid, and fat all combine to reduce inflammation and redness.


16. French manicure using a rubber band

Using a chunky rubber band wrapped round your finger tip, you can achieve a beautifully accurate French manicure.


17. Use a plaster with holes in it to achieve perfect nail art

Those plasters that are made from plastic and have a load of breathe holes in are ideal to achieve a spotty nail effect.



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By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'