Silly Things All Girls Worry About

5. Fresh breath and underwear

Girls like to come across as clean and fresh which can be difficult after a 12 hour shift at work or a long day at school. Girls carry a lot of stuff that men don’t understand in their bags and a lot of this contents contributes to a girl feeling fresh and clean and ready for some alone time with her man.


6. Am I pregnant?

She understands the science behind making babies and her and her partner take the necessary precautions to avoid getting pregnant, however, smart girls no that there is no guarantees when it comes to contraception so even though there might be a one in a million chance she could get pregnant, there’s still a chance. Every now and then she’ll get a bout of anxiety about it, her life flashing before her eyes, what IF she was…


7. Fashion trends

Skinny jeans are now just jeans. If she’s walking round in boot cut jeans, she probably purchased them about 5 years ago and she is sooo not on trend right now. The problem is, not all trends look good on all people. With this in mind, we’ve got plus size girls painfully squeezed into skinny jeans, girls who don’t want to accentuate their thighs/calves/hips having only two options, go with the fashion and bare all OR dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and let everyone else judge you for your bootcuts. Surprisingly most girls chose to stick with the fashion, even when they feel they can’t really pull it off.


8. A Best friend blabbing their secrets

Over their life time, girls will usually have just a handful of friends that they feel they can trust enough to tell their deepest darkest secrets to. However, as you get older you often realise that it is very rare to meet someone you can truly trust. This means girls all over the world slowly realising the the lest friend they had when they were 15 might not be the same person anymore and they know stuff. Embarrassing stuff. If the friendship turns sour, things can get nasty.


9. What they look like in the morning

Because we rarely see celebrities without make up, photoshop or Instagram filters, it’s not surprising that men are sometimes taken-a-back when they see a female first thing in the morning. Women know what the reality is but they also know that men don’t, so when a woman falls asleep for the first time next to their man, no way is she going to want to take her make up off, for fear of scaring him in the morning. There come a point when she has to deal with this, but she will build up to that slowly.


10. Getting her heart broken

Surprisingly, not all girls will worry about this until it actually happens. No one knows the pain until they experience it for themselves, so when it’s happened to a girl once, she’s going to do everything she can to make sure it doesn’t happen to her again.