Silly Things All Girls Worry About

Most girls worry.  And a lot of the worry experience is directly related to the pressures from the media. ‘If all guys fancy Kim Kardashian and I don’t look anything like Kim Kardashian, how will I ever find someone who fancies me?’. ‘If Taylor Swift can be so slim and classy, why can’t I?’, ‘Kylie Jenner’s lips are putting mine to shame, should I consider fillers?’. Just as worryingly, if girls’ problems don’t stem from the covers of magazines then it’s likely to be from girls of the same age group, who don’t even intend to put the peer pressure on!

1. Proportions of their body parts.

Things like; ‘my head is too big/small for my body’, ‘my thighs are long but my calves are short’, ‘my wrists are wide but my elbows are thin’. It doesn’t take hours of looking in the mirror for most girls to start hating the proportions of her body. Girls know not to say this stuff out loud because even though the measurements are right in front of their face, they know it sounds crazy!


2. Make up disasters

‘Is my foundation the right colour for my face?’, ‘Has my eye line smudged?’, ‘Is my lipstick all over my teeth?’. When we see a celebrity looking anything less that perfect these days it’s because they’re in the papers for having a complete meltdown. If Selena Gomez left the house with an orange foundation and smudged eyeliner the headlines would tell us that this child star wasn’t coping well in the limelight. The fact is so many girls find it difficult to find the best make up for them at an affordable price that they often make these make up faux pas. That’s real life when you don’t have a make up artist to teach you and thousands of pounds to try out all available brands before you settle for the one that works best with your skin.


3. Does it seem like I’m flirting when I’m not?

Girls don’t like to give the wrong impression so whether they’re single or not, they can get paranoid if they often rewind and play over conversations they had with a guy wondering if A. That guy though she was into him or B. Other people thought she was into him. It’s hard to judge how to be friendly with a guy without looking like you’re coming on to him. Men and Women are very different so the way we relate to one another is different. One of the most uncomfortable situations a girl can be is is when she’s accused of flirting when she genuinely wasn’t.

4. Calories

Many girls who are conscious about their body may want to lose weight or maintain a low weight. There’s so much talk about calories and not enough talk about nutrition that girls spend so much time worrying about cutting calories and not learning enough about good calories vs bad calories. A diet coke has 0 calories but it can still contribute to weight gain. Calories are a very confusing business so instead, girls should be reading up on how to eat a healthy, balanced diet and the calories will take care of themselves.


By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'