Spreading the Love: Downtown Disney’s Uptown Marriage Proposal

These vibes are the type that begin with “Will you marry me?” and end with “I do.”  While the song has been quite popular at weddings, it is also now making headlines in wedding proposals. One such surprise proposal recently turned the heads of many at Downtown Disney. Jamin Love (quite the fitting name!) and his girlfriend of five and a half years, Valerie, are students at southeast LA’s Marvels Dance Company.  Combining his love for her with their love for dance, it’s no surprise that Jamin choreographed the proposal of a lifetime to the tune of “Marry You.” Given permission to perform at Downtown Disney and create a “flashmob,” Jamin now had the perfect venue to make his move – no pun intended. This is perhaps one of the greatest, most creative and spirited marriage proposals you will ever see – viewing it makes you want to smile and hug someone.

The afternoon’s surprise begins with the couple being filmed secretly as they pass through a particular spot in Downtown Disney. Suddenly, two girls, who at first appear to be bystanders break out in a perfectly choreographed and executed performance to the song. Clearly, the dance choreographer is of professional quality – not to mention the dancers. The air is charged with enthusiasm as all eyes are now on the dance – which, one at a time, increases in performers. The timing is perfect and the “flashmob” eats up and feeds the excitement.  The camera captures Valerie’s reaction to all of this as it unfolds – it can’t get any better than this. She is surprised when Jamin, who was standing right beside her, suddenly joins the dance troop. He knows the moves – everything is so tight and perfectly on-count. She might have been thinking, “I didn’t know about this dance…when in the world did they rehearse?”  And suddenly, the song comes to a close with the lyrics “just say I do” and Jamin whips out a small box with an engagement ring inside. All starts to make sense to Valerie as her face lights up and she takes in the moment. A squeal of excitement leaks out and they embrace. Not only did the proposal go well – so did the wedding.

Highlights of Jamin & Val, a White Rose Production on Vimeo

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'