10 Secrets Men Keep From Women

Sometimes us men withhold information and some times we straight up lie. But most of the time these secrets we have are totally justifiable. Let me explain why;


We still check out other women. But I suspect you know that anyway. It’s totally natural to notice healthy and attractive members of the opposite sex, you must have done it yourself occasionally? The reason we deny this is purely to spare your feelings. We don’t want to cause drama by making you jealous or make you feel insecure. If we weren’t attracted to you more than anyone else, we wouldn’t be with you!

When we first met, we stalked your Facebook And I mean stalked you. We checked out all your photos first and all your statuses. We wouldn’t want to freak you out by sharing that information too early on!

We watch adult films. Not as often as we used to, but we still do it. We keep this information private, once again, to stop you feeling insecure.

We love it when you have girl’s night. We might tell you we wish you were staying in with us, but truthfully, we’ve already started setting up the games console or downloading the latest action movie. It’s nice to have a bit of space every now and then. Absence makes the heart grown fonder etc.

Hair in the drain and hair extensions creep us out. We won’t mention it, but we certainly won’t touch it. Walking into the bathroom to find clip in human hair hanging from the towel rail is quite disturbing. It looks great when it’s in your hair but when it’s out, we’d rather not have to see it.


We’re glad when you bring up serious topics. I’m talking moving in, kids, marriage or pets. If you bring it up then we don’t have to. The reason we don’t want to is that we just don’t know how to get into these deep conversations. We can still feel a bit uncomfortable at first but it makes us more grateful you’re willing to put these topics out there.

Bight lipstick is not cool. You look great, you don’t need neon pink or bright orange lipstick. One peck from you in the morning leaves us paranoid all day that we’re wearing it.

We like compliments. A real man isn’t afraid to tell a woman she looks great but every now and then we could do with a compliment too, even an exaggerated one such as “You look incredible handsome this morning” will make us smile and will show us you care.

We were nervous the first time we had sex with you. Maybe you didn’t notice because you were nervous yourself. We play it cool but what were thinking is, “Don’t climax too early, don’t wait for too long, don’t make any strange noises, don’t pull strange faces…”

Sometimes we’re just not in the mood. It can be due to stress sometimes but a major reason for this is feeling bloated. If we’ve just had a huge meal, don’t ask for an ‘early night’. Wait for our food to go down, if you can stay awake that late…

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'