10 Signs That Prove Pandas Are Destined For Extinction

We have all come to love those cuddly looking little guys, pandas. Unfortunately these cute little guys have proven to us that if they continue to go about life in this manner they may be facing extinction.

Enjoy and have a good laugh.

1. “I’m just going to sit up here.. Oh no.”

pandas 1

2. He watched too many 007 movies…

pandas 2

3. Hey let’s make ourself look like a giant snowball rolling down the mountain.

pandas 3

4. You know red pandas get a bit clumsy.

pandas 4

5. Oh Yes! Slide Time!

pandas 5

6. Hey why did you put me in this glass box? Oh my…

pandas 6

7. I’m a scary red panda…

pandas 7

8. Lets go downstairs… On no

pandas 8

9. Hey lets not be clumsy while we’re eating…

pandas 9

10. Some fresh snowww… No…

pandas 10