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Are You a Bad Boy Magnet?

I was appalled yesterday  to find out about men paying for an online program to help them ‘get laid’. Totally disgusting. However, since then I’ve been told about something similar for women, except for the fact it’s not about getting laid, it’s about finding the right man to have a genuine relationship with.

Plenty of women make the same mistakes again and again.Some times it’s with the same partner, sometimes it’s with different partners. And the worst thing is, so many of us just don’t see what they’re doing wrong. Even worse is, our friends can see but don’t know how to tell us! So they sit their, offering cups of tea, nodding there head and telling us he’s an asshole. Because they just don’t know how to tell us, we’re letting the same thing happen again and again.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If you find that  patterns are emerging in your failed relationships, have a think about why you haven’t been LEARNING from the past.

The new online program I’ve found out about uses The Gateway Method to help women make sure only the RIGHT type of man can enter their lives. This can help to stop them repeating behaviour from the past and gives them tools to look for what will make them HAPPY and not fall for someone who will make them feel terrible about themselves.


Ask your friends for their HONEST opinion, are YOU doing something wrong? If you’ve been messed about too many times, have a look inwards JUST IN CASE there is something you can do about it.

If you know for sure that you couldn’t have done anything differently, think about why you let that man into your life in the first place. Are the men you date similar in anyway? If so, what is it they have in common? Why do you think you’re attracted to men like that?

There’s a lot to be said for learning from the past so when the past keeps repeating itself the only way to move on is to study it.


I’m Not a Man Hater But…

Since starting my blog I’ve had quite a few comments (from men) who are concerned that I’m all about dissing men. That’s not quite true…

Girl Thinking

The aim of my blog is to help girls who have been used and abused, treated like s#@t  and had their confidence taken away. I’m not saying its ONLY men that can do that. But in my experience when a girls upset it’s either;

a) nasty, jealous women making life difficult (which I will be posting about in future)

b) horrible, selfish men messing them about

USUALLY it’s the second one! I can’t help that life is like that for a lot of girls. Out of all the relationships that I’ve had, my sisters have had, my female friends and colleagues have had, 90% of them have ended badly because the male involved hasn’t treated their girl well enough!

I hear stories day in, day out and it’s the same old, same old;

  • A man’s not replying to messages,
  • a man’s lying about who he’s been talking to/where he’s been,
  • a man’s cheated,
  • a man’s putting his woman down,
  • a man’s not making any time for his relationship
  • etcetera, etcetera

LAZY, SELFISH,  NASTY men! Taking advantage of my friends, my family, my colleagues! I know its not EVERY man, but it’s A LOT of them.

Right now I’m engaged to the NICEST man I know. So I don’t hate men. But I do find that A LOT of them can put girls through more than they realise and it affects these girls for a lot longer than they can imagine.


Not ALL men are bad, but there are a lot of bad guys out there and any girl who’s dealing with the problems listed above should have somewhere to turn to, to get support from

another girl who’s been there, done that and got the stinking t-shirt!

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The Tao of JACKASS!

Single girls MUST take note of this:

There is a PROGRAM out there that teaches men how to get laid! It’s REALLY well know by men and lots of men are using this system! It’s called the Tao of Badass (what a lame name!)

This is it… watch the video... it’s SO disgusting! (It really is offensive).

Share this with every single girl you know because for all we know someone could be using it on them! It’s one thing having men who are natural players but now people are being trained up as players!

Times are hard for single girls trying to find a good guy. Even ‘good guys’ are starting to use this system.

Beware girls, men are upping their game and we need to keep our wits about us!


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Men vs Women Weight Loss

My boyfriend tells me that I’m always banging on about diets which isn’t true. I’ve never actually done a ‘diet’, what I have done is go through phases of ‘eating  healthily’. So that’s what he means really. And I admit I do talk about it a lot, because its HARD WORK.


No matter how much I try, I don’t seem to lose the weight I want to, if I lose a few pounds it will end up going back on. But what’s new? I don’t know any girl who’s life ISN’T like that!

MEN on the other hand are ridiculously lucky when it comes to weight loss. They have more muscle naturally, which means there metabolism is faster, which means they burn more fat than us.

Last week I was doing my ‘healthy eating’ and my boyfriend ate a pepperoni pizza in front of my face! I was fuming! FaceAngryHow DARE he put greasy carbs in my face when I’m only eating chicken and brown rice! He did offer me some, which to be honest was a slap in the face since I had to say no. And normally I wouldn’t say no but for some reason that day I just did. Well done me! But that’s only one triumph, and I need a lot more that that to get to my target weight.

Another thing that makes it easier for men to lose weight, they don’t do as much ’emotional’ eating as girls. I’m not the only girl I know that will eat extra to celebrate small things and to commiserate over anything! The times in between celebrating and commiserating are an excuse to eat badly too, because I’m bored.

If my man wants to lose 7lbs he can do it in a week! That’d take me over a month to do.

My sister is having some luck doing it this way which is designed just for women so I’m going to cancel my gym membership and give it a try instead and this time I’m going to stop comparing weight loss to my boyfriends and just do it!

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Are you MANipulative?

Do you usually get the man you want? Do you usually have a lot of boy ‘friends’ that will do anything for you? Are you still friends with the ex’s that you broke up with?

If so you may have mastered the art of being MANipulative without even trying!

It is a great skill to be able to read people and an even greater skill to be able to get them to THINK they’re reading you, when in fact, they have no idea what you’re really thinking!

You are a master of the subconscious mind and you use it to your advantage, fair play to you!

If you are very good at reading people but not great at getting your own way all the time, I’ve found something special for you…

learn more

I won’t give too much away, but it’s definitely worth a read!


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Is There Really Only 1 Soul Mate For You?

Some people believe that there is one person out there for them. Just one. A soul mate. That  fate or destiny has one specific partner in mind for them. Some people believe that when you’ve met “the one”, you “just know”. Some people grow old on their own GirlHeartbelieving that they never found “the one”. And some people are so desperate to find “the one” that they convince themselves that lots of different people are “the one”. Some people stay in abusive relationships because they cant bare the thought of being without “the one”. Some people put up with a lot of crap.

There is more than seven billion people on the planet.

Just sayin’…

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Why Girls Put on Weight in Relationships

How many first dates have you been on that didn’t involve eating or drinking alcohol? In fact how many first months of dating have you had where you were not eating or drinking more than usual? The first few weeks of dating are the best. You get to enjoy yourself and start to wonder whether you are falling in love. The person that you are attracted to is also attracted to you. And this persons opinion matters. So after a few meals, a few drinks and a few hang overs it’s not surprising when a girl notices that she has put on a few extra pounds. They have changed their lifestyle to a less healthy one and have less time to look after themselves.


However a few pounds is not the issue. It’s the boyfriends reaction to the few pounds that does the damage… “I didn’t even notice / you look the same to me / well I think you look great”. These kind hearted words from your new man are going to stick with you for a few more months worth of high calorie meals and drinks. Every time you make the choice to have something that will help you put on weight, your boyfriends voice will echo in your ears ensuring you that what you are doing is absolutely fine.

Luckily for us, your boyfriend is probably telling the truth, it’s OK to enjoy yourself while you settle into your new relationship and create a new lifestyle for both of you. Although it feels like it comes as a shock when you hit the 7 pound, 10 pound or the 14 pound of gain mark, you will know when the right time is to stop indulging and make healthier choices for the long run.

When you realize you and your man are in it for the long haul, you must gain perspective and phase out some of your new bad habits and bring back some of your old good habits. Get some tips hereWhen you do, there is no doubt that your man will be secretly pleased, not because he noticed you put on weight in the first place, but because he noticed he had started to put on a little weight too.




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Are You to Blame for His Cheating?

Every female has fallen for a “bad boy”. If the man of your dreams makes a pass at you when you know he is in a relationship, how much are you to blame for his unfaithful behaviour? Lets say you have never met the girl. Is it your problem? Should you have loyalty to a stranger? Would she still be being cheated on whether or not it was with you or someone else? It wasn’t you that promised to commit to her and stay faithful so why should you feel a moral obligation to turn down a chance with this man?


Some people say that women should stick together. Some people say “how would you like it if someone did it to you? The truth is if women were that loyal to one another, the fact that he wants to cheat is bad enough so maybe there is no point in  sticking together when the guy is a douche anyway.

Plenty of women have been in the situation when they have been with a man knowing that the man is with someone else. Everybody makes mistakes and there is a variety of reasons why women put themselves in this situation, most of all lack of self worth. Its difficult to decide whether or not this behaviour is right or wrong.

But lets take this scenario a step further. It wouldn’t be uncommon for the cheating asshole to get bored and return to his original girlfriend. New dilemma : What do you do?

Is it too late for your female loyalty to kick in and let her know what a worthless piece of crap her boyfriend really is? Can you justify breaking the news to her or would spilling the beans just be a last attempt at getting back at the man who used and abused you?



Cheating Relationships

Should You Admit to Cheating?

The answer to the question is, it depends on 1 thing.

Is there any possible way your partner will find out?


If the answer is “yes” then save your partner from the excruciating humiliation that they will suffer if they do find out. Even if there is a small risk, it’s not worth taking it after your disgusting behaviour, the least you can do is to save them the embarrassment of talking about it behind their back.

However if by chance you’re indiscretions happened to happen on a desert island where there was no witnesses with a stranger who will never be back in your life, whom you have 0 mutual friends then do not admit to cheating. The best thing you can do is try to put your partner off you for example stop getting a shower, start kissing badly, don’t brush your teeth. Let your partner go off you. This is the decent thing to do after the way you have treated them.

Let them feel like it is them that has ended the relationship. Whatever you decide to do, the relationship must end. Let them be the one to end it. You at least owe them that.

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Love Vs Anxiety

Anxiety and Love may seem like very opposite experiences but they can be more closely linked than you know.

I recently got engaged to the love of my life. I wake up every night thinking my finance has died in his sleep next to me. And my heart stops for a moment until I hear him breathe. Even in my SLEEP I’m scared to lose him.


Anxiety is a terrible feeling that can consume a person. It’s the feeling of worry. But of a very dark kind of worry. Worry that can lead to panic.  A feeling that can get so strong and so dark that you can physically feel pain and even believe it’s killing you.

Anxiety comes from worry, but where does worry come from?

Worry comes from Love and Happiness.

If you experience anxiety often then you have something in your life that you love and makes you happy. The anxiety you feel is the worry that that thing will be taken away from you. Worry is a mechanism we have to protect ourselves. And it’s usually a good thing, a way to consider all possibilities in order to stay safe. To have an action plan to put in place whenever necessary. If you suffer from anxiety, it’s because you are trying to protect yourself from losing the thing you love that makes you happy.GirlWorried

The problem is, although it may logically make sense to you, to be prepared for a worst case scenario, you cannot live a full life whilst you’re worrying. You have to stop considering all the terrible things that could happen and be grateful for what you have right now, this second. Think about how lucky/happy you are right NOW. Stop thinking about down the line if things fall apart.

In the battle between love and anxiety, anxiety WILL win. It will end up either convincing you not love properly or destroying you and your relationship.

For more detailed advice on stopping anxiety click here