The New Trend in Bridal Party Photographs is Causing a Bit of a Stir


There seems to be a bit of a new craze going about at weddings. That is on the shot of the bride and her bridesmaids, they turn round and hitch up their dresses to reveal their butts.


According to College Humor, this is the latest trend and is going to get even more popular as more people hear about it. I am just not too sure I like it. I am by no means a prude but to me a wedding photo album should be full of classy memories of the big day. Not sure if turning the page to a pic like this would be a good thing. I think the burlesque one above is done pretty well but all the others are a bit too much.

The pic below was posted on Reddit recently and is actually made to look like the brides all got their dresses caught in their tights by accident.


While other pics like this one are a bit more edgy and pretty much shout out “we are all a bit naughty”.


And this one is clearly just going too far.

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Maybe it is just me being a prude and actually we should be celebrating these women and how comfortable they are with their behinds.

What do you think?

H/T to Elite Daily via Imgur

By Hannah Jones

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