9 Things Gentleman Do That Make Any Lady’s Heart Melt

In a world where relationships are something that is talked about like a lightly used pair of socks, everybody has them but could easily throw them out and get another pair. The mentality is that there is no real commitment in relationships now days.

Being a woman in this doggie-dog world can make things really difficult to find that gentlemen that your heart so longs and desires for. It comes as no surprise that when you do run into a true gentlemen you have really found a true treasure.

Lots of men believe that it takes a lot of money and doing things to win over a worthy lady’s heart but really we are just looking for someone who will be sincere and show some genuine affection.

Here are 9 things that men do that will give you an injection of hope and prove that there still is real gentlemen still out there:

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1. Opening Doors

If you find a guy that is willing to walk around the car and open the door for you is a guy you do not want to let go of.

There is always a reason why you don’t want to be waiting outside of the car while he sits in the nice and comfy driver seat leaving you waiting for them to open the door for yourself. Heck it might even be rainy or snowy that day as well.

If a guy does this, make sure that you take the time to acknowledge his efforts of being a gentlemen.

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2. Saving the last bite of food

If the saying is true that a man’s heart is easily accessed through their stomach then you know that eating is very important to most men. If he decides to save the last of the food for you, he is saying that he really cares about you and wants to out you before himself.

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3. Spending time with your family

Any guy who wants to take a look at your baby pics and family photos is a keeper. A guy who wants to give advice to your little bro and likes to give your mother compliments on how great her food is a gentleman at heart. Even though this might seem like a small thing you can bet it’s not at all.

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4. Sending Flowers

Getting a nice bouquet on Valentine’s day is not what I am talking about. It’s that $10 assortment of flowers he picked up for you at the grocery store on the monday afternoon.¬†Getting unexpected flowers is something that makes all of us smile.

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5. Watching a chick-flick with you

When a man volunteers to endure one of your cheesy girlie movies and does not complain about it is a definite gentlemen. (Even though he knows that he will score huge bonus points with you, it is a gesture that just cannot go unnoticed.)

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6. Giving a lovely kiss on the forehead

Of course if you go out on a nice date and at the end of the night he kisses you of the forehead you are in the dreaded friend zone and may never escape it.

But, if you have been in a long-term relationship and your man does this you can be sure that this gesture is saying that he really adores you.

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7. Walking on the outside of the sidewalk

When he does this at first you will probably be wondering why the heck he is walking on the outside of the crosswalk. After a while though you will start to wonder why other guys haven’t gone out of their way to give you protection the same way.

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8. Filling up the gas tank for you

The same way that walking on the outside of the crosswalk might surprise you, this gesture will probably catch you off guard the first time.

If a man was raised with any kind of manners and class then doing so is going to be natural for him to gladly fill it up without any questions.

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9. Putting on your jacket

We all know that you can easily put on your own jacket without anyones help, but this is not a question of whether or not you have the ability to do so. It’s the type of gentlemen that goes out of his way to put on your jacket for you that speaks volumes of who he really is and how much he cares about you.

These are all little, but HUGE ways a man can show you that chivalry is real and gentlemen do still exist in our world.

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'