This Christmas Tree Light Show Is Amazing

This 10 Ft. Christmas tree has one of the most amazing christmas light shows I have ever seen before. The guy who uploaded it on Youtube says,

This is 5th year with a computer controlled setup. The 10 ft tree has over 7000 lights on it and draws over 25 amps of power when fully on. I used Vixen Christmas light controller software along with a RenardSS24 control board to run the 24 separate channels. Thank you to my better half for helping me sequence the songs (again)!

No matter what you might be thinking now you will be a believer by the time you are done watching this video. Sit back and enjoy!

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'