Construction Workers React to Wrecking Ball

I believe this is the genuine reaction construction workers would have to Miley’s video Wreaking Ball! lol.

If you haven’t read the open letter that Sinead O’Connor sent her, you can read it here. x


Disney warned us!

Too many times I’ve heard people saying ‘Disney gave us unrealistic expectations!’. Too many gentlemen and happy endings. Then I came across this photo and realised… we were warned! (see image below)

Aladdin seems quite charming, a ‘diamond in the rough’ but when you see him from a different point of view, not only is he a thief, he’s a God damn compulsive liar!

Simba! (who was always my favourite Disney character), is a lazy guy who won’t face up to his responsibilities and begins to live his life as a bum!

The Beast is absolutely terrifying when he’s angry! Just because he’s suffering from all sorts of personal problems doesn’t give him the right to rant at Belle and smash the place up!

Prince Charming falls in love with Cinderella because of her LOOKS and then goes on a quest to make her his wife! How shallow!

How did we not see these messages and get prepared!? 😉



Funny Talking Animals

I have just been laughing my socks off for about an hour over this! It is from a series made by the BBC called Walk on The Wild Side! If it doesn’t make you laugh, I give you permission to leave a comment below!

I must admit, anything with talking animals makes me laugh! 🙂

Girl Heart



Bradley Cooper Before He Was Famous

For those of you who know and LIKE Bradley Cooper from films like The Hangover, Limitless, Valentines Day etc, you may be interested to watch this clip of him in The Actors Studio as a film student asking Sean Penn a question.

Do you think he is a hottie then too?


Pandas on a Slide Cuuuute!

If you ever need some cheering up, just click the link below to see a video of baby pandas playing on a slide! It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen..!


Man Successfully Sues Wife For Ugly Children

So basically a woman didn’t tell her husband she had had plastic surgery and before it, she could have been considered erm, unattractive. The pair had children who also could have been considered as unattractive and the man sued his wife for it.

For a lot of people, if they have second thoughts about their wife at some point in the future, they will separate and maybe even divorce them. In the case of this man from China, he took it one step further but suing her getting $120,000 in a court settlement.

Jian Feng, from in Northern China,  filed for divorce from his wife after she had a child which he deemed to be “incredibly ugly,”  going on to  argue that his wife had tricked him by appearing to be a beautiful woman when she was instead ugly.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me,” reports

At first he accused his wife of cheating as the child girl did not look like him. He was later confronted by his wife with the bitter truth – cosmetic surgery.

You could call it a case of false advertising, as it turned out that that his wife had spent over $100,000 in plastic surgery to change her appearance.

Furious that the fruit of his loins was not as good looking as he had hoped and the fact his wife had lied about the surgery to enhance her looks, Feng took the matter to court and won $120,000 in a settlement.

There has been a surprising reaction to the story on Social Media showing support to Feng.

“When you are in a true relationship, you tell your spouse everything. Past present and future – if not, then you don’t respect them” one male commented on Facebook.

The female audience has also largely sided with Feng. “Of course I would – if you start a relationship with a lie, where does it end?” one woman asked.


This is what cosmetic surgery gets you