14 Reasons Scarlett Moffatt Really Is The Best Contributor To “Gogglebox”

We all have our own favourites when it come to Gogglebox.


Whether it is silent Jay or the jovial gay couple or the posh drunks.


You know, the daughter of the guy from County Durham who often looks confused.

1. Her opinion on the Voice was spot on!

Source – Buzzfeed

2. Then there was the time she said this after seeing a guy sing on TV.

Source – Buzzfeed

Yes George Michael is still very much alive.

3. And who can forget when she was watching a show about the paranormal and said”


I mean come on, it is a little frizzy.

4. Remember her thoughts on University Challenge?


You get em Scarlett.

5. And how right she was about the drama “Wolf Hall”, where things are a little dark.


Spot on Scarlett.

6. While Greg Wallace was performing to Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” on Strictly she made a great point.


7. She finished by chipping in her thoughts on people with glasses.


She clearly knows her science.

8. She said what we were all thinking when watching John Snow talking about skunk on Drugs Live


We were all thinking it Scarlett.

9. She has definitely mastered the art of the close up.


One of many of Scarletts faces.

10. She shows us that we all struggle with fake tan.


11. She reassures us we all feel mortified when a sex scene comes on when watching tv with our parents.


12. She does however sometimes get things a little wrong. Like when watching the Scottish referendum.

Source – Buzzfeed

13. She had some strong thoughts on Bear Grylls.

Source – Buzzfeed

14. Her comments on visiting London only add to how much we love her.

Source – Buzzfeed

So you keep up the good work Scarlett. We are all loving what you do.

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Boss Calls Up Employee And Gets Very Nervous When He Hears This On The Other End Of The Line

When this boss wanted to check up on one of his workers, the response he got on the other end of the line was very unexpected.



23 of the Twickiest Tweets

Ever read something and think, really? Someone actually typed that and didn’t go back and correct it? Were they overly tired or just not paying attention? Or, worse, they think it’s okay! Check out these crazy tweets…

Image Source: 9gag
Image Source: 9gag

Image Source: 9gag
Image Source: 9gag

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19 Companies Really Need To Rethink Their Product Names

It is important for big global companies to think about the names of their products when translated into other languages. Certain words don’t always translate quite as you may think.

1. Love a bit of pet sweat.


2. That has to be a mistake in translation.

desktop-1406690608 (1)

3. Love a bit of hot urinal.


4. There is nothing like the taste of Grandma.


5. A nice cold glass of Vergina


6. Urm what?

desktop-1406690605 (1)

7. Lucky Marie.


8. Shredded child!


9. Sounds like it is will be pretty strong tasting.

desktop-1406690603 (1)



11. Unfortunate name.


12. I don’t want to know what is in that can.


13. No food should be linked to the colon.

desktop-1406690600 (1)

14. mmm


15. Somewhat offensive.




17. I only take shrimp crack!

desktop-1406690597 (1)

18. Now that is a sick bag.


19. I wonder how this tastes?



After Asking His Dad To Stop Embarassing Him His Dad Did This. He Will Regret It Forever.

Being a teenager is never an easy task  when growing up. Here is Rain a 16-year-old boy who is probably already worried enough about the social challenges that he faces everyday in High School. Well, every time he would go to school his parents would wave at the school bus as it left. This embarrassed Rain and he asked his mother if she could stop dad from doing this. These pictures are great…

Here is Rain and his father.


Here is what dad did since his son was embarrassed by him.

embarrassed-2 embarrassed-3 embarrassed-4

embarrassed-5 embarrassed-6 embarrassed-7 embarrassed-8 embarrassed-9 embarrassed-10 embarrassed-11 embarrassed-12 embarrassed-13 embarrassed-14 embarrassed-15 embarrassed-16 embarrassed-17 embarrassed-18 embarrassed-19 embarrassed-20 embarrassed-21 embarrassed-22 embarrassed-23 embarrassed-24 embarrassed-25 embarrassed-26 embarrassed-27 embarrassed-28


Sexy and I Know It Parody, Starring Dad and His Kids

This is soo cute. And clever! This dad teams up with his five kids to make a legendary music video. From butt shaking to aerobatics to grocery shopping, this video has it all. I’m sure it will make you laugh. Enjoy!


Her BF Was Trying To Do Something Nice. This Was Her Unexpected Response

It was this guy’s birthday and he wanted to do something nice for his girlfriend.


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His Friend Turned On The Stereo Then Started To Sing. The Rest Will Have You In Stitches The Whole Way Through

We all have one of these kinda friends and we all need one. We wouldn’t want to be them but they entertain us every time.

Since the release of Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars, the video and song has gathered loads of views and soared to the top of the charts worldwide. For that reason, you can be sure lots of people will parody the video.

The video below is a recent such parody from a guy called Zachary Piona. The end result will have you laughing from start to finish. Enjoy.


He Told His Dogs To Roll Over. Just Keep Your Eye On The Cat

This hilarious little video brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “copy cat”. In the video the owner of 2 dogs and a cat asks his dogs to roll over before asking his CAT to do the same.

The two Rottweilers, Lucy and Phoenix have obviously been well trained and thankfully go against the stereotype of that breed being vicious or nasty. The best bit of the video is when he asks his little cat ‘Didga’ to do the same. Who knew a cat can be trained to roll over too!

Source – Catmantoo

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