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Pull Yourself Together!

Sometimes it’s difficult for the people around you to be honest with you. It can be because they don’t want to hurt you, they don’t think you can cope with the truth or because when they’ve tried to in the past, it didn’t quite work out the way they planned.

With all their good intentions, they just can’t tell you the words that someones got to tell you;

Pull yourself together!

Enough already! There’s only so much moping about people can take. If you’ve clicked on this post, its because on some level you can relate to it…. so what’s the problem? Why do you feel like this post could have been directed to you? Something’s going on, something bad and your stuck in a rut you just haven’t been able to get out of.


It might be a bad relationship,

It might be about poor self image,

It might be about weight loss,

It might be to do with your career,

Whatever it is, you wouldn’t have clicked on this post if somehow, deep down you didn’t know that you’ve got to pull yourself together.

Time to move on my friend. The first step for you is to write down the situation you’re in now and write down what situation you want to be in. Getting there is a lot easier than you think… but that’s The Secret. <<Click here!

P.S. I don’t get paid to advertise or promote products, The Secret is genuinely the best philosophy I’ve ever come across. Google it, amazon it, download it from a torrent site! Just GET it! It really will change your life!

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