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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Do Cocaine

Eyes wide open, feeling ever so amazing, brilliant, light and Superman-ish is what some try to reach (and maintain) when they start snoring line after line of this super white powder.

However, what we see from the outside isn’t always as pretty when it comes to the inside.

This highly addictive drug just doesn’t seem to be as cool when you start looking at some of its major side effects. Check out this grim image and judge for yourself!

This not so pretty picture went viral when Dentist Howard Farran posted it on his Facebook page as a warning against using blow, describing it as ‘palatal perforation due to cocaine abuse’.

Image Source
Image Source

The website described the damage that the drug causes on the tissue:

“Cocaine snorting damages nasal health in several different ways.

Under the influence of cocaine, the sympathetic nervous system significantly narrows blood vessels throughout the body, including the vessels that send blood to the tissues in the nasal cavity.

Consequences of this narrowing include an increase in blood pressure and a drop in the amount of blood that can easily flow through the vessels at any given time.

Without their required blood supply, the tissues in the nasal cavity start to undergo destructive changes in their normal level of function and overall health.”

Now, remember this picture if someone ever offers you some Coc, because ladies and gents, crack IS wack! ugh!

Check out this disturbing video:

If you or anyone you know might have a problem with addiction, contact online resources such as Addiction Helper.

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Men React to Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled Their Reaction Is Priceless

Guys are always protective of their ladies, it’s just the noble thing to do.

But what happens when we aren’t around and she is out there by herself? What would your reaction be to random guys trying to hit on her? Watch this and let us know what you think.

Watch the video here:


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She Starts Undressing In The Bathroom. What She Does Next Will Challenge Your Thinking!

When you start this video I am sure you are going to expect it to go in a perverted or explicit direction.

It doesn’t go there. What happens is this woman sends off a strong message in a way that will make people pay attention. It’s sad that most don’t even notice what is really going on in this video because we are so wired to only pay attention to what’s right in front of us. Please watch this and take her message seriously. It’s a good one!

Watch it here:

YouTube/PrankBaaz – Bach Ke Rehna re Baba !

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